Ed Yother

I'm recording an album. I've made this site share my progress with people as it happens, and in its unfinished state. Here's where that's currently at.

In addition to just myself on a few instruments and singing, Some friends are joining me on some of the tracks.

2022/4/28: The big news of the moment is that I picked a name for the album, and commissioned cover art from Delyth Angharad.

2022/10/08:I've recently gone and re-mixed all of the tracks from scratch

The Oak Cliff Road / O'Dowd's Pitch / Kitty on the Rail - 2022/10/15

2023/01/5: I've re-recorded my banjo part.
2022/10/15: I recorded my friend Robert Freeman playing fiddle on these.
2022/05/24: Today I recorded Scott Freeman playing guitar on this one.
2022/04/19 I've re-recorded all the banjo on this one. I'll likely re-record all the banjo on all the tracks. I wasn't happy with the tone I was getting. So I pulled out another banjo that I don't play as often, and played around more with mic placement. So far I'm liking this sound better.
2022/02/28: I've decided to include the third tune in the set. I've also made a change to that tune, and re-recorded the set in preparation for another friend to come record fiddle on it.
2022/02/21: A set of three reels that I wrote. The same as the recording below, except including a reel that I wrote around the same time, but had kind of forgotten about. I'm still not sure if I want to include this third one or not. I'm a little more self conscious about it.
Guitar - Scott Freeman
Tenor Banjo - Ed Yother
Fiddle - Robert Freeman

Where I Told Her I Loved Her and Sprained Her Ankle / Coffee on the Bricks / The Persistence of Noel Reid - 2022/10/08

2022/10/08: I re-recorded the flute part again. I'll likely be re-recording more flute parts since getting my braces off and finally getting my tone and intonation back, and at least a little better than before.
2022/06/14: I've replaced the octave mandolin part with a banjo part, which I think suits these tunes better.
2022/06/12: Yesterday Scott recorded a guitar part for this as well.
2022/04/28: I've been working on and re-recording the flute for this one.
2022/03/6: Last night I started recording flute for this set. And as I have never actually learned to play any of these of flute before, that's going to take some work.
2022/02/28: Tonight I started recording a set of jigs I wrote.
Octave Mandolin - Ed Yother
Flute - Ed Yother
Guitar - Scott Freeman

Cronin's Hornpipe / The Little Stack of Wheat / Johnny Will You Marry Me? - 2022/10/08

2022/10/8: I've been working in trying to record this set for months. My playing was just not there. This is just a quick rough take, but I got through it and am feeling more confident that I will be able to include this set of hornpipes.
Flute - Ed Yother

Roving Peddler - 2022/10/08

2022/06/14: I've re-recorded the vocals last night.
2022/06/12: Yesterday Scott came over and recorded a hammered dulcimer part for this. He kind of blew my mind a little. I recommend listening with headphones.
2022/06/10: I've recorded my friend Rob playing bodhran. I'm happy with how this is turning out.
2022/05/18: I've re-recorded all the parts. I still need to record the vocals one more time. I didn't realize how tired my voice was until I listened to this while mixing.
2022/05/09: I started working on recording this one. I learned it years ago from an album by Jeff Warner and Jeff Davis. I love this song for being melodically interesting, rhythmically weird, and for having lyrics that are endearingly ridiculous.
Guitar - Ed Yother
Voice - Ed Yother
Hammered Dulcimer - Scott Freeman
Bodhran - Rob Podshadley

Dirty Old Town - 2022/10/8

2022/06/14: I re-recorded the vocals on this last night. I've been trying to make it sound a little more intimate. I also learned that while every version of this song I've heard has a line mentioning the "smoky wind", Ewan MacColl wrote it as the "Salford wind" in reference to Salford, Lanconshire where he grew up, and which the entire song is about. So I made that change.
2022/04/18: Yesterday and today I completely re-recorded the guitar and vocals. Playing with mic placement and learning to better fight the background noise of my computer fans.
2022/02/15: This is another one that I've been wanting to get my interpretation of recorded for some time. I've always felt connected to this song as it very much reminds me of where I grew up, which was an old factory town at the confluence of two rivers that hadn't had any factories since my grandfather retired. A whole lot of my adolescence was spent walking around at night on railroad tracks and levees. I feel like there have been enough recordings of this one with a sort of tough guy from a tough town bravado. I feel like it deserves at least one wistful, contemplative treatment.
Guitar - Ed Yother
Vocals - Ed Yother

Down the Hill - 2022/10/08

2022/03/6: I started recording this one today. It's just an old tune that I like, and is fun to play.
Flute - Ed Yother
Octave mandolin - Ed Yother

Young Tom Ennis / The Rakes of Kildare / Jimmy Ward's - 2022/10/8

2022/02/20: Here's a sketch of a set that I want to record.
Flute - Ed Yother

Julia Delaney / Ships are Sailing / The Star of Munster - 2022/10/08

2022/02/20: I did more work on the mix this morning.
2022/02/19: Today I recorded my friends Eli Hickey and Scott Freeman playing on this track.
Tenor Banjo - Ed Yother
Fiddle - Eli Hickey
Guitar - Scott Freeman

Jack Tar - 2022/10/8

2022/02/14:I just recorded this tonight. I feel like it's still in kind of a rough state. But I don't hate it. I have always liked this arrangement ever since I came up with it. I'm glad to be recording it and getting it out there.
Guitar - Ed Yother
Vocals - Ed Yother

Wings of a Goney - 2022/10/8

2022/02/12: I just had an idea for a mandolin part and quickly recorded it. I still need to redo it without the mistakes. I also still need to properly record the vocals. These were just temporary scratch vocals.
Guitar - Ed Yother
Voice - Ed Yother
Mandolin - Ed Yother

The Walls of Liscarroll / Behind the Haystack / Merrily Kissed the Quaker - 2022/10/08

2022/02/11: If I do anything else to this one it will be bringing in a friend to play guitar or fiddle, or something.
2022/02/14: I lied. I think I'm going to re-record the OM part. I have lighter that strings on it that I usually use, and I don't think I like them.
Octave Mandolin - Ed Yother
Flute - Ed Yother